When spinning up a new project these days, we usually reach for a Ruby related tool, Rails, Sinatra, or Jekyll.

The majority of code we write today is related to inventory and event management for small business.

Inventory Management

Chato Creative’s primary client is Twenty Sided Store. We have developed robust systems to process, manage and reorder inventory. Twenty Sided Store handles tens of thousands of SKUs. Our custom app integrates and syncs with Shopify and Slack streamlining Twenty Sided Store’s operations. We have also written (and now deprecated) custom apps integrating with Square POS for Twenty Sided.

Event Management

We wrote Twenty Sided Store’s event registration software, integrating it with Shopify. It handles attendee checkins and moving around event registrations. People’s schedules always change! :)

Older Work

Prior to 2011, Chato Creative wrote production level code in:

  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • SQL
  • Mivascript (obscure one)
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Coldfusion
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Liquid

Current Sites